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In szakmai opciók mutatói words, it shows the valuation of the company by the group of shareholders.

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Earnings per Share EPS Earnings of the company is publicly available data, accessible in company-related materials such as the quarterly or yearly financial reports. Szakmai opciók mutatói is calculated as the earnings divided by the number of outstanding shares on the market.

By looking at the EPS, one can see value of earnings generated by the firm per one piece of share. The EPS forecasts can be obtained from the firm itself or from the continuous forecasts made by the analysts of brokerages.

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From this number, any trader should be able to assess whether the stock is under- or overpriced in that moment. The market value of the shares are usually higher than the book value of the shares. However, it is up to the trader to decide from what ratio is it worth to invest in a company.

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Dividend yield Dividend yield is the ratio of the expected dividend per share and its market value. Corporations usually have predictable dividend policies: they only distribute a given percentage of the net profits as dividends. With this practice, firms assign further capital to further expansion.

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