Opciót vett

opciót vett

Steps Make sure the trend is ascending.

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Exit: When the share price is below the Stop Opciót vett, sell the Long Call option and close the positions if it is not possible to hold naked Call options. Basic characteristics Maximum loss: Limited. Maximum profit: Limited.

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Difference between the strikes - Net debit. Time decay: Time decay has a positive effect on the value when the position is profitable, otherwise it has a negative effect.

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If the market is between the two strikes, then the time value is not changing rapidly. The profit is the increasing the fastest with time close to higher strike.

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The loss is the increasing the fastest with time close to lower strike. Breakeven point: Lower strike price - Net debit. Advantages and disadvantages Advantages: The risks, the costs, and the breakeven point is lower than in the case of a Long Call.

Limited from below. Disadvantages: It can result higher returns with higher strike prices, but the share prices must increase above those high strikes.

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In case of increasing opciót vett prices, it has an upper limit. Closing the position Buy back the Short options and sell the Long options.

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Mitigation of losses: Close the position the above-mentioned way.

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