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These emails and wallets have piled up for some time. Usually the criminal doesn't move the bitcoin immediately, localbitcoins api checking the bitcoin wallet isn't helpful.

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But a week or so after such emails are sent, it becomes possible to see what miscreants are doing with their ill-gotten gains. The first thing to localbitcoins api about bitcoin is that you have good enough anonymity Bitcoin is very localbitcoins api. What isn't at all decentralized is the places where you can turn your fake anarchist digital money into real money.

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So they key in these kind of investigations is to find what they do with their cryptocurrency to get investigative leads. Sometimes those leads involve finding wallets that are discussed publicly or on forums i. There are lots of tentacles of where these coins end up.

Some end up cashed out at LocalBitcoins. The inputs to these criminals are commodity bitcoin exchanges as well, and it might be helpful if those reputable exchanges simply prohibit any transaction with these wallets.

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That said, knowing where the money is coming out provides leads to investigations looking to bring these actors to justice. If you see these scams, please report them to BitcoinAbuse.

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